Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Explosion That Started a Revolution

March 6, 1992
23:16 local time,
Town outskirts,
Thule, Greenland Province, USA

“Crap,” said Tarak, recognizing the unmistakable throttling sounds his snowmobile was making. Forced to make a stop, Tarak slowed his vehicle down, coming to a full stop by a snow bank before turning off his engine. He took a look around the exterior of the machine to see if he could find any evidence of leaks, but after a few fruitless minutes, Tarak shook his head and grimaced.

“Stupid machine,” he said angrily to himself while kicking a small piece of ice. “I had this serviced last week…how could it possibly fail now?” He popped the engine hood and took a deep breath, which left a burning sensation in his throat due to the extreme cold, before grimacing, as he was now forced to take off his gloves just to look around the engine and see if he could find the source of the problem.

As he was checking out his snowmobile, he thought he felt the wind pick up a little. Already gusty, the wind seemed to pick up in speed with each passing second, a phenomenon that struck Tarak as odd. Eventually, rumbling permeated the air, with the strength of the air beginning to crescendo. “The katabatic wind was yesterday,” said Tarak, whose confusion was starting to display. “We usually don’t get them two days in a row.”

Then Tarak popped out from under his hood and took a look, taken aback once he left the underside of the snowmobile and got to see what was actually happening.

“What the heck is that?” he said in astonishment.