Sunday, April 19, 2015

“The Bireans kidnapped my wife”, man asserts

Roman Free Press, April 19, 2015

VERONA, Venetia Province (RFP)- The City of Verona is no stranger to martial squabbles. The setting to William Shakespeare's famous play, “Romeo and Juliet” and home to one of the world's highest rates of divorce, the citizens are well-versed in the lores of love unfulfilled.

However, none of those stories could ever top that of Sergio Sacchi's.

Since there is almost no way of recounting the story without inducing obvious reactions, it will be told very bluntly.

It begins on the day of February 9, 2013, when Sacchi and his wife, Meredith (nee Collins), met their new neighbour within their quaint cul de sac in the sururbs of Verona. His name was Porter MacTavish, who had recently arrived in Verona from Birea. MacTavish was a quiet, but friendly man, who always offered at least a “hello” and a chance at small talk. He was very relaxed, a stark contrast to the busy lifestyle of the native Veronan, but he soon warmed up to Sacchi and his wife. As MacTavish worked at home and Meredith was a housewife, the two of them would eventually forge a strong bond.

That, according to Sacchi, was the harbinger of things to come. About a year and a half later, on September 22, 2014, Sacchi came home from work to find his wife missing. He said he went to visit MacTavish only to find his house door wide open but without a single item in sight- it was if MacTavish had vanished without a trace.

Sacchi said he immediately called the police, but was warned that the process could take a while since there was not a lot of evidence to work with. He was also told that he may have to accept an alternate possibility, that his wife may have fled on her own accord.

“That's preposterous,” he said, angrily. “I know my wife, she wouldn't do that. We loved each other.”

The police didn't see it that way, and initially charged him with domestic assault and her kidnapping, before being forced to drop the charges due to a lack of evidence. Not once, Sacchi asserts, did they look into MacTavish, despite Sacchi's repeated claims.

“They say I'm delusional,” said Sacchi, angrily. “I think the police are just being 'politically correct' and failing to implicate the real culprits, who are the Bireans. The evidence is there if they'd just look.”

With the police failing him, Sacchi went online, finding through social media a lot of men like him who told similar stories of Birean “friends” who'd pop up into their lives and eventually kidnap their wives or daughters or sisters, and leave without any kind of trace. He says many of these men have become his friends, and together they hope to uncover the truth behind the disappearances.

Verona Police Chief Enrico Favale insists that, despite Sacchi's claims, he has no biases against him.

“It's just common practice,” Favale said, “to look at the husband first when investigating the disappearance of a wife. Our investigators did a poor job communicating that to Mr. Sacchi, but I stand by their findings.”

Favale says his investigators have done their due diligence, though he declined to get into too many specifics, citing the sensitive nature of the investigation. He did state that at the Sacchi home there was no sign of forced entry, which indicates that MacTavish was let inside willingly, and that there were no signs of foul play. He also told reporters that he found no “irregularities” concerning the phone or bank records of MacTavish or anyone within the Sacchi residence, nor did investigators find anything suspicious concerning travel or travelers to and from Birea.

“It's obvious that if- and I can't emphasize that it's only an 'if',” said Favale, “if Mrs. Sacchi was indeed abducted by Mr. MacTavish that they fled the country via falsified documents, documents paid with through cash.

“However, at this stage, something like that is pure conjecture, as we have no evidence that Mrs. Sacchi or Mr. MacTavish have left Venetia. Therefore, we are treating both subjects as missing persons, and have devoted the appropriate resources to those cases.”

When asked about the similar nature to Sacchi's case with other allegations spread across the Internet, Favale simply stated that he has no evidence to suggest that any of them are related.

“These are simply stories,” said Favale, “with very few police reports, and very little to connect those reports besides some very broad similarities.

“That said, we do urge the public that if you do have concerns to relay the information to us. The more incidents that are brought to our attention, the greater the chance that we have to make a connection, if in fact there is one. Right now, there just isn't the evidence to make that connection, and none appears to be forthcoming. So therefore, we are sticking with our initial analysis but have kept the case open for further investigation.”