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“It is the historian’s job to draw attention to the personal, social, political and indeed moral issues behind the literary and artistic representations of the Greek world. The historian’s job is to present pederasty and all, to make sure that … we come face to face with the way the glory that was Greece was part of a world in which many of our own core values find themselves challenged rather than reinforced.”- Robin Osborne, Greek History (2004)

September 21, 2016,
00:52 local time,
Unknown location,
Unknown forest near Knossos, Crete

Kaloia slowly blinked her eyes, her head pounding and her body practically motionless as she struggled to wake up. As she slowly regained her consciousness, she began to realize that something wasn’t quite right, and after feeling her way around her surroundings, her fears seemed to be confirmed.

What the heck? she thought, I’m surrounded by wood…I’m in a box…how…how did I get in here? The curly brunette soon collected her thoughts but the 18-year-old was still confused. When I was last awake, I was in my bed…maybe the prick I felt wasn’t a dream. Horrified, she shook the box, before screaming loudly, hoping that someone would hear her and let her out. She didn’t realize her attempts were futile, since in this forest, there wasn’t a soul for miles.

Kaloia then banged around the box again, peeling away at the wood hoping there would be something that would allow her to break through. She then banged her fist in frustration, realizing the wood was way too thick for her to break through. Kaloia felt her hands around the box, knowing there had to be some kind of opening- after all, someone put her in the box, so there had to be a hatch. After several frustrating minutes, Kaloia became euphoric when she found the cracks that marked the box’s opening, which she excitedly pressed with both of her hands. She then pushed and pushed, taking a few breaks to regain her strength, before pushing the opening with all of her strength. She thought she was getting the box open which boosted her confidence, but it soon faded when she realized that no matter how much strength she put into it, she wasn’t getting the box open.

Kaloia then sunk back to the floor of the box, pounding it with her fists and crying with frustration, with her sobs getting louder and heavier as she feared the worst. She attempted to curl herself into a ball to cry some more before her hand came across what appeared to be a light switch.

A light? Inside a box? This is odd. She then felt at the switch and managed to turn it on, allowing a small fluorescent light to come on and reveal a small set of instructions, as well as a keypad.

In front of you is a keypad, on which you will be able to type in the code that will allow you to escape this box. The keypad is programmed to terminate after ten failed guesses, so do not try to randomly punch in numbers. To obtain the code, you must answer one question- in 853 BC, it is known that the Arabs make their first appearance in recorded history when Gindibu leads them as part of an anti-Assyrian alliance at Qarqar. What did Gindibu provide the alliance against Shalmaneser III at this time?

Kaloia read the question and put her head in her hands, frustrated.

Oh crap…*that* question…

The question was a reference to the Kurkh Monolith, which fascinated the budding historiographer since it was the first mention of the Arabs in recorded history. It also gained prominence for her since it was an important insight into the study of Assyrian history, since Shalamaneser’s complex descriptions and clear pomposity provided an abject lesson in critical analysis, since it was the textbook definition of, “don’t always believe what you see”.

However, many of the Monolith’s details were lost to her, as the gaggle of numbers and names meant that it was easy for her to “gloss” over them as she tired of reading the minutiae. She was frustrated that she did this, but her attention span- one saturated by smartphones and high-speed Internet- just wouldn’t allow her to really concentrate on each individual number. They’re all the same, she thought, even though she knew better.

Still, she decided it was an opportunity, so she dug into her memory banks and tried in vain to come up with a number. She soon remembered the text of the Qarqar battle, held in Syria, and recalled the prominent opponents of Shalamaneser, Irhuleni of Hamath and Hadadezer of Damascus. “King Hadadezer himself commanded 1,200 chariots, 1,200 horsemen and 20,000 soldiers,” she said to herself, “while King Irhuleni of Hamath commanded 700 chariots, 700 horsemen and 10,000 soldiers.” She then got to King Ahab of Israel, noting the possible scribal error when the scribe went against tradition and assigned Ahab 2,000 chariots, when, as the third most-prominent member of the alliance, he should have had less chariots than Hadadezer and Irhuleni, as chariots were an indicator of power projection. She then went through the lines eventually remembering the other kings’ totals before she eventually got to Gindibu.

Kaloia smiled as she recalled Gindibu’s commitment, rushing towards the keypad and excitedly pressing in the number. She started to pant heavily, waiting in anticipating for the box to open, only for her heart to sink when nothing happened. Dour, she slumped to the floor, which didn’t allow her to realize the box had actually opened. A voice soon reminded her of this.

“Good job Kaloia,” said the voice, as Kaloia, shaken, looked up to realize she had gained her freedom. Kaloia then stepped out of the box and walked up to the man, not wasting any time in giving him a hearty hug.

“I knew you put me up to this,” said Kaloia, cheerfully embracing her history tutor, Yperifanos. As per the custom of “harpagmos” (or “ritualistic kidnapping) in Crete, it was common for teachers of every kind to challenge their students by kidnapping them and requiring them to learn a lesson to escape, as long as the student consented to the kidnapping, which Kaloia had. It’s part of the ancient practice of pederasty, long practiced in the Greek world, updated to accommodate the fact that women were now in the workplace.

Yperifanos smiled, reciprocating her embrace, happy his student passed the test.
“…and I knew you could solve it,” said Yperifanos. “You keep thinking you are bad with details but you’re really quite adept at them…the breadth of your knowledge should never be in doubt.”

Kaloia then leaned in and gave Yperifanos a kiss, which prompted the two to kiss romantically for a few seconds. Kaloia then gazed into Yperifanos’ eyes.

“You know,” she said, her eyes tearing out of joy. “Of all the teachers I’ve ever had, you are the only one who has believed in me, and believed in me consistently. Thank you…thank you so much.” Kaloia and Yperifanos kissed again, only this time it got a bit more passionate as their hands got adventurous.

“Wait,” Kaloia said, pulling back momentarily. She put her head down and chuckled nervously before Yperifanos brushed her hair with his hands. “Are you sure this is the right place for this? I mean, I know we’re alone, but-”
“We’re out in the open?” said Yperifanos before kissing her again. “I know…but this is an empty forest. No one will see us.”
Kaloia smiled and chuckled happily. “You’re right,” she said, as the two eventually had sex right beside the box.

February 14, 2014,
14:11 local time,
Edmonton Law Courts,
Edmonton, Alberta

“I remember the first time he put his hands on me,” said Alberta Crime Scene Investigator Catherine “Katy” Scutaro, on the stand as the victim in the rape case against her former boss, Leroy Simms. “He touched my arms and rubbed them up and down, squeezing my shoulders when he got there.”
“How did this make you feel?” asked Crown prosecutor Jeff Smardiza.
“Weird,” said Scutaro, her voice cracking as tears began to form. “Creeped out…devastated. I mean, I’ve never had a superior like Simms before who believed right from the start he was entitled to touch my body.”
“You let it go, though,” said Smardiza.
“Yeah I did,” said Scutaro, “because Leroy was so soft and sounded so caring…it felt like he was a father to me, and my father died when I was young. I started at CSI when I was 20…I was a child prodigy scared to be entering ‘the real world’ and Simms took me under his wing. He helped me navigate the working world and was always by my side when I had difficulties…so all the touching, all the innuendos…I just let it go. He was helping me, why ruin that?”
“You never once thought he was trying to manipulate you,” said Smardiza assuredly.

“Objection!” yelled defence attorney Larry Withers immediately after Smardiza finished. “That’s just speculation.”
“Sustained,” said the judge, Mary Witherspoon to Smardiza’s consternation. “Reword the question.”

“Did your opinion ever change about his true feelings towards you?” said Smardiza, smiling somewhat nervously.
“Sometimes,” said Scutaro. “Over the years, I got conflicted…he touched me a lot, and it was unsettling…but he also helped me a lot.”
“How did he help you? Can you point to a specific incident?” said Smardiza, looking on with intent.
“Ten years ago, I think,” started Scutaro, who took in a few deep breaths to keep her composure. “I had a case involving a dead police officer…I ran the blood that was found on the knife found next to the officer…it had his blood all over it but I concluded that the stab wound was inflicted post-mortem. The officer’s parents disagreed with me, because they were certain their son was murdered, but Simms stepped in and took my side…headed off a review by the local prosecutor.”
“…and then what happened?” said Smardiza.
“Well, the next day we were alone in my lab,” said Scutaro, “he then gave me a hug, which I liked. It was long but it was nice. Then I remember he had his hands around my waist and we were looking into each other’s eyes, like we were lovers. That I thought was weird…but, I let it go.”
“Did he say anything to you then?” said Smardiza.
“Not much,” said Scutaro. “He kissed my forehead and then kept telling me ‘everything is going to be okay’ and he knew I needed that reassurance…I was really doubting my abilities as a CSI at that time. Then…”

Scutaro let out another deep breath and lowered her head, beginning to sob.

“It’s okay, Katy,” said Smardiza softly. “I know this is hard to talk about...stay strong though…you’re doing well.”

“A day later,” said Scutaro, her voice quivering as she struggled with her composure. “Or, I should say two days later, because it was the night previously…I went to bed after a nondescript day at work…then the next day I woke up chained to a wall in a dungeon, without any clothes…then this guy comes in, dressed in all black and wearing a skull mask. He never spoke, but he raped me several times. Later that night, I fell asleep and woke up later to a chain hung from one of my wrists with a key affixed to it. I also found my restraints were loose enough to allow me to unlock myself and free myself, which I subsequently did.”
“…and then what happened?” asked Smardiza.
“I found my clothes, and my cell phone,” said Scutaro. “I gathered my things and ran from the warehouse, after which I gave Leroy a call.”
“Why Leroy?” said Smardiza, feigning scrutiny. “Why didn’t you call Nick or Warrick?” he asked, referring to her CSI teammates Nick Stoltz and Warrick Farr, both of whom along with fellow teammate Colbie Brody were in court watching the proceedings.
“Nothing against Nick or Warrick,” said Scutaro, “but Leroy was my boss, and only he could authorize the investigation. Plus he was a father figure to me…he seemed like a natural choice.”
“Carry on,” said Smardiza.
“We investigated that night,” said Scutaro. “We didn’t waste any time…went back to the warehouse, found the condom the assailant used, the chains, the keys…did a rape kit…I mean, we covered all of our bases. In fact, I did most of the work…Leroy, he just guided me through it. We caught the assailant that night- it was a real confidence boost.”
“Oh, so you caught the guy,” said Smardiza, feigning incredulousness. “Shouldn’t that be case closed?”
“I thought it was,” said Scutaro, “but then a few weeks ago I thought about the incident…about how easy it was to catch this guy, about how easy it was for Leroy to guide me through it…I mean, I’ve been on some really easy cases, but something about this one said it was just too easy.”
“What if it truly was easy?” said Smardiza.
“Leroy said a lot of things to me that made me think he set this whole thing up,” said Scutaro. “The intersection where the warehouse I was imprisoned on didn’t have a marking, yet Leroy knew exactly where it was. I also remember that he was the one who brought up the fact the assailant used a condom…I didn’t do that.”
“He could have just been conscientious,” said Smardiza. “He’s been in the business a long time…surely he’d know a lot about all the tricks criminals use to evade authorities.”
“I thought about that,” said Scutaro, “but I also thought, ‘if this guy’s such a mastermind, why would it be so easy for Leroy and I to catch him?’ “
Smardiza smiled, happy he got the response out of Scutaro that his case needed. He then closed his questioning of Scutaro, which allowed Withers to conduct his cross-examination.

Withers, though, unexpectedly declined to ask Scutaro any questions, believing there wouldn’t be a judge who’d believe the far-fetched idea that a crime that had already been solved was really set up by someone else, especially with nothing but Scutaro’s testimony to establish that case. Witherspoon then adjourned the case, which allowed Scutaro to leave the courtroom.

Outside, she met her friends and immediately broke down upon seeing them, wasting no time getting into her friends’ waiting arms.

“It’s okay,” said Brody, the first to hug Scutaro. She held her tight and cradled the back of Scutaro’s head in her right hand, allowing Scuatro’s sobs to rain down on her shoulder. “You did good up there…I’m so proud of you.”
“Yeah,” said Farr, the next one to hug Scutaro. “It takes some courage to testify against your boss, and you did it glowingly.” Scutaro then gave Stoltz a hug, cried on his shoulder just as she had done with Farr and Brody, before feeling composed enough to address the group.

“You guys,” said Scutaro, doing her best to fight back her tears. “You guys believe me…right?” She again started to cry, her heart heavy remembering what she had just gone through. “I mean…this is all so surreal…” Her tears fell more liberally, and her sobs obscured many of the words she tried to say. “So many people doubt me…they all take Leroy’s side…and I understand why…it just sucks so bad!”

Scutaro again broke down and was about to collapse to the floor before Stoltz grabbed a hold of her and locked her into a hearty embrace.

“I believe you,” said Stoltz assuredly into her ear. “We all do,” he continued, as Farr and Brody gave him knowing nods, unquestioned was their support for Scutaro.
“You’re family to us,” said Brody, rubbing Scutaro’s back as Scutaro continued to hold on for dear life onto Stoltz. “We stand behind our family…no matter the circumstances.”
“Besides,” said Farr assuredly. “You had the guts to take on not just your boss, but your father figure, the man who you thought you could trust above everyone else, and kept on pushing your story despite all the doubters and all the agencies you had to go through. There’s no way you made that s*** up.”

Unfortunately for Scutaro, when the trial concluded a week later, Witherspoon had emphatically believed that Scutaro made the entire story up, chastising her in court for it. Witherspoon even had the nerve to ask Scutaro why she didn’t lock her doors or her windows that night, disbelieving that Scutaro had actually done so. Fortunately, the Alberta State Police sided with Scutaro and announced that Simms would no longer be employed as CSI Director, promoting Stoltz to the position, but it was small solace for Scutaro, who now had to live with the fact the courts were so easily dismissive of her.

That night, after the verdict was announced, Scutaro went straight home and went to bed, crying herself to sleep. She slept for days on end, and her CSI teammates visited her often, with Stoltz understanding that she’d need a lot of time to recover before she could get back to work. It wasn’t until November of that year before Scutaro felt comfortable enough to return to work, but even then, despite the unabashed support of her teammates, she struggled to regain the unbridled confidence and positivity she had brought to her job before, and she wondered if she’d ever get it back.

September 24, 2016,
03:04 local time,
Unknown bunker,
Unknown location, Crete

Oraios could feel her head pounding as she slowly woke up from her slumber. Still feeling the effects of the sedative, Oraios was lethargic, her muscles too limber to move around effectively, while her vision was still very blurry. Her brain was already confused, but adding to it was the sense of despair overcoming Oraios when she scanned her surroundings and realized where she was.

What the heck? thought Oraios. I’m…I’m in a dungeon…um, where are my clothes? Slowly she began to regain her senses, which is when she began to feel the real weight of the peril that had now befallen her. She tried in vain to move her limbs, only for her to dart her eyes and realize she’d been chained to the wall, spread eagle, with her wrists and ankles fastened as tight as they could be to the wall without cutting off her circulation. She then had to swallow some saliva, which got her to realize her neck was also similarly chained to the wall as the swallowing put pressure on her choker chain.

Oraios then darted her eyes, her breathing becoming heavy as hopelessness began to set in. Only the moonlight prevented her room from being engulfed in total darkness, but she was too far away from the window to gain a glimpse into the outside world and hopefully deduce where she could be. She grimaced as she felt a spider crawling along her body and there was nothing she could do about it, a grimace that turned into a slight shock when the spider entered her vagina and promptly fell to the ground, the vaginal acids having killed it.

That was DISGUSTING, thought Oraios. She quivered and played with her vaginal muscles, hoping in vain to “close” them even though, naturally, they already were. She again panted heavily, before she lost her patience and just had to let out her frustrations.

“What do you want?!” yelled Oraios. Her voice grew louder and louder as she continued screaming for help, until it reached an ear-splitting crescendo. “Let me out! I’ll do anything! Just TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME!”

Oraios then let her head hang as much as she could, the svelte curly brunette feeling the pangs of defeat and thus beginning to audibly cry. Her crying soon got louder and louder, but, as the minutes passed and no one came to visit, her heart sank excruciatingly as her ultimate moment of despair had set in.

No one is going to come here…no one is going to save me, she thought, bitterly, as she continued to sob, eventually crying herself back to sleep.

September 26, 2016,
07:08 local time,
Cretan Crime Agency Headquarters,
Knossos, Crete

“Well Anita,” said Leroy Simms, hired to lead the Cretans’ Forensic Investigators Unit (IEM) after he was fired by the Alberta State Police, “I think you’ve got ample potential.” Simms, whose Greek was impeccable due to having a Cretan father, casually took several glances at Anita’s pronounced bosom, glances she aided by the fact that the top half of her blouse was unbuttoned, revealing her cleavage in all its perky, titillating glory.
“Oh why thank you!” said Anita, her voice a cheeky, high pitched nasally squeal that Simms found very alluring. “I’m so happy that someone values me!”
“Of course I do,” said Simms, unleashing a wide grin while not even bothering hiding another glance at Anita’s luscious breasts.
“You know,” said Anita, her voice beginning to speed up as her excitement level rose, “I’m so happy I applied here…I mean, so many places, they’re like, ‘oh you’re too young! You’d never know what we could be dealing with,’ and I’m like ‘yeah, whatevs losers’, I mean, ‘you don’t know what you’re missin!’ and then I’m like, ‘you know, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that I don’t know forensics…because I know forensics…I mean, I graduated at the top of my class, I mean, I had to know something, right? Mama don’t raise no fool you know! I mean, I’m just eager to get going and get started…I mean, there’s so much I can bring to the j-”

Anita was stopped dead in her tracks by Simms grabbing a hold of her hand and squeezing it, which sent the curly blonde woman’s heart into numerous palpations. The curvy beauty began to pant heavily with her ivory skin beginning to flush a very deep red. She looked up and her mouth was agape as she gazed longingly into Simms’ eyes, with her anticipation growing as she tried desperately to read the quiet confidence that Simms projected from his body language. Her excitement then reached a crescendo, as she pulled herself out of her seat when Simms approached her purposefully, still holding on to her hand and gradually pulling her towards him. She could then feel the aura of his body as Simms dragged her hand onto the small of his back, while he took his hands and wrapped them around her waist.

Then, he calmed her nerves by planting his mouth into Anita’s gaping, inviting lips, causing her to close her eyes and feel even more deeply as their tongues intertwined and they kissed ever so passionately and deeply, their mouths practically attempting to devour each other. Overcome with passion, the two of them let her hands roam ever so freely, and before she knew it, Anita’s skirt and her panties were on the floor and Simms was squeezing so tightly her bare bottom. While they were still kissing, Simms then pressed her groin against his as he continued to squeeze her butt, which caused her heart to flutter as she felt his hardened penis through his pants being rubbed against her bare vagina.

Instinctively, she then led Simms to the couch he had in his office, and planted herself on the cushions, allowing Simms to get over top of her and to lower the backing of the couch, revealing that it doubled as a bed. As she undid his pants and lowered them, her arousal grew as she felt Simms rub his hands on her breasts and heightened her excitement as he first put his hands into her shirt and placed his hands all over her breasts, before undoing her blouse and her bra, with his stoic demeanour breaking character once he saw her breasts pop out of her shirt in all of their glory.

“They’re beautiful!” he exclaimed, as Anita bit her lip and started to stroke Simms’ penis in extreme excitement. Simms wasted no time before he planted his lips onto her succulent nipples, the goose bumps on her skin becoming more pronounced as she clutched the back of Simms’ head with glee as he sucked on her breasts and flicked her nipples with euphoric unrestraint. Anita then undid his shirt and removed it, feeling with glee as she ran her hands along Simms’ ripped chest and abs. As her excitement level again began to grow, she clutched onto Simms’ penis and again began to stroke it, trying in vain to insert it into her vagina. Simms realized what was going on, but continued playing with her breasts, which caused his own arousal to grow. Anita, though euphoric, soon began restless, again trying to reach Simms’ penis with her vagina but she couldn’t insert it fully.

At this point, Simms figured Anita had anticipated long enough, and he inserted his fully erect penis into her tight but very well lubricated vagina. Anita’s skin by now was even more flush in deep arousal, as she screamed and moaned in joy as she felt the throbbing and the other sensations of Simms’ penis. Simms, for his part, thoroughly enjoyed feeling Anita’s pert nipples and breasts against his body, and groaned with glee as he felt the warmth and pleasure of his penis inside Anita’s vagina. Eventually, she screamed for Simms to go faster and harder, which Simms did, causing her to moan as loud as she could as his thrusts got deeper and faster. With both of their arousals reaching their zenith, their grunts and moans became deafening until Simms ejaculated inside of her, causing Anita to climax as well, which allowed both to eventually catch their breaths after they finished.

They both then lay next to each other and cuddled, holding each other tightly as Anita kissed Simms softly on his cheek.

“Wow,” said Anita. “That has to be the best job interview I’ve ever had.”
“I think it’s up there for me too,” said Simms, kissing Anita’s forehead.
“So, um,” said Anita, scared to find out the answer. “Do I have the job?”

Simms smiled and chuckled briefly, which sent Anita’s stomach into knots.

“Yeah you do,” said Simms, planting another kiss. “I think you earned it.”
“…but,” said Anita demurely, “I’m all wet…surely I need a shower.”
Simms smiled, enraptured by the sound of her voice.

“I got a change of clothes for you,” said Simms, getting up and taking Anita by the hand. “I’ve also got a shower…come this way.” Anita got up gleefully with him, giggling as she joined Simms for a nice, long shower.

October 4, 2016,
02:11 local time,
Unknown bunker,
Unknown location, Crete

The sensation was unbearable. Fastened with suction cups on her nipples and an electric vibrator stimulating her nether regions, Oraios struggled physically and mentally not to pass out due to the dizziness. Whoever was torturing her seemed to know exactly how to set the devices to get her sexually stimulated, which she found to be very odd. It also served to make her pain even worse, as it made her body enjoy the torture immensely which conflicted with her brain, which wanted nothing more than to end it.

Eventually, through her haze, she saw The Man with The Mask return, whom she wanted to address but instead of uttering words, all she could utter was a yelp.

The Man, dressed in a black muscle shirt, black pants and a black mask that covered his eyes and his nose, was nonplussed, deciding to watch Oraios scream and moan in unbearable, unwanted stimulation, a stimulation The Man enjoyed. After a few minutes more enjoying Oraios’ screams, The Man decided to detach her torture devices, which caused Oraios to let out a loud, grateful yelp along with many deep breaths to regain her composure.

As she panted, The Man nonchalantly grabbed her face before tossing it aside, which stunned Oraios even more.

“What do you want?” said Oraios. “I promise…if you let me go, I won’t tell anyone. Please…I’m begging you…I’ve learned my lesson…”
“No, you haven’t,” said The Man curtly, his voice Oraios recognizing but she couldn’t figure out where.
“I don’t understand,” wailed Oraios, who began to cry. “I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where we are…I don’t know what I did!” She then broke down and cried even more, which left The Man unmoved.
“You know exactly what you did,” said The Man, still curt.

Oraios then let out more yells as The Man then proceeded to enjoy her body again, running his hands and his mouth all over her with reckless abandon. He then pulled down his pants and held her body next to his, making sure that every thrust and every body movement banged her against the wall, causing her to grimace insufferably with each thrust. When he finished, he grinned with glee and then pulled out, putting his pants back on feeling very satisfied. He then checked Oraios’ back for cuts, and, satisfied there were none (there would be bruises, though), let her be, though he couldn’t leave without squeezing her breast one last time.

As the door to her dungeon closed behind him, helplessly so for Oraios, Oraios couldn’t help but again break down in tears. She wanted so desperately to “wake up” and realize this whole ordeal was just one bad nightmare, but there was nothing she could do to alter her reality. All that she held on to was the fact this Man was keeping her alive, and if she could understand why, she just might be able to escape.

October 4, 2016,
08:10 local time,
Cretan Crime Agency Headquarters,
Knossos, Crete

“You know, Leroy,” said Asthenis, the Cretan Crime Agency (KOE) Director, walking down the hallways with Simms, “you can hire males for your team…nothing is stopping you.”
“Oh I understand that,” said Simms, rubbing his eyes still not fully awake from the night before. “I just…have my preferences, that’s all.”
“I’m not complaining,” said the portly Director as he adjusted his pants. “I’m just saying. I mean, the work of the IEM has been absolutely impeccable. I must commend you on that.”
“Why thank you,” said Simms with a wide smile. “You know, I love it here in Crete…you guys are so open and so willing about your sexuality…it’s nothing like stuck up Alberta…I mean, I had one broad I was working with…she was a daughter to me…all I did was touch her shoulders, hug her, maybe kiss her forehead…and then she makes up the most ridiculous rape charge ever…I mean, can you believe it?”
“I know, I know,” said Asthenis with a chuckle himself. “I mean, you caught her perpetrator…and yet she was still unsatisfied. I tell you, it’s great that you are here and you are away from all those SJWs…they really are madness in North America.”
“Tell me about it,” said Simms with a belly laugh.

“Listen,” said Asthenis, stopping the walk in the hallway. “The Virtue Guards called today and they said they’d love to see if you and your team would like to join them. I gave them my personal recommendation, as much as I’d hate to lose a guy like you.”
“Wow,” said Simms with a wide smile. The Guards are the Virtue Federation’s top police force, having as much prestige worldwide as Rome’s top police force, the Urban Cohorts, and Simms always dreamed of having a job with either force. “The Guards…wow, that’s big. You know, I think I’ll do it…I mean, there’s not a question in my mind.”
“Good,” said Asthenis with a smile, enjoying seeing Simms’ enthusiasm. “I gotta get back to my office…Plithorikos, that feisty young man, is begging me to ‘overpower’ him, if you know what I mean.”

Simms forced a smile and said nothing, finding Asthenis’ homosexual leanings abhorrent, but, for the sake of keeping the peace, Simms just went along his way.

October 4, 2016,
08:15 local time,
IEM Lab, Cretan Crime Agency Headquarters,
Knossos, Crete

“How do I look?” said Anita, turning to her teammate, Skepsia, after rustling her hair and adjusting her lab coat so she could get the maximum amount of cleavage. “I gotta look good for him, you know?”
“Yes, I know,” said Meletia interjecting, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.
“Oh come on,” said Skepsia, the bespectacled pert brunette smiling wide as she was giddy with excitement. “Don’t mind sourpuss here…my sweet Anita, I think you look great!”
“As do you, my sweet Skepsia!” said Anita, also becoming giddy and promptly giving Skepsia a hug as Meletia could only palm her face and shake her head in dismay. As her teammates continued to laugh and giggle, Meletia looked down at her desk and pondered, wanting to say a lot of things to her clueless teammates but her brain telling her it was worth her while not to.

A few moments later, Simms strode into the lab and greeted his charges. He gave each of his team members a hug, while squeezing Anita’s breasts and shoving his hands down Skepsia’s pants to finger her, while she gasped with pleasure.

He saved the most of his time for Meletia, whom he went right behind, clutching her waist and pressing her body against his, ensuring that Meletia could feel his erect penis through his pants and into the crease of her buttocks.

“You know you’re my favourite, right?” said Simms, whispering into Meletia’s ear as he cupped her breast and gave it a few hard squeezes. He then undid Meletia’s lab coat, opened her blouse and undid her bra, allowing his hands to gain access to her now bare breasts. He ran his hands all over breasts and played with them, while kissing her multiple times on her face, as all Meletia could do was bite her lip and shed a tear, wanting so bad to reject his advances but knowing it was a folly’s game at this stage.

Simms then yanked Meletia’s hair and pulled her head back so that he could plant his mouth deep into hers, where he proceeded to kiss her deeply while still fondling her breasts. He then swiftly turned her around and bent her over the desk backwards, pulling down her pants and proceeding to have hard, quick sex right there. When he was finished, Simms smiled and walked around the desk satisfied, greeting Anita and Skepsia who looked on to whole ordeal in stunned surprise.

“Now, if you girls do a good job,” said Simms, placing his hands on each of the women’s shoulders. “That can happen to you.” Anita and Skepsia laughed with glee as they regarded Simms and his actions with awe and wonder, while Meletia hunched herself over a sink and cried audibly, frustrated that she let Simms defeat her again.

“Come on,” said Simms, noticing Meletia’s sobbing and slapping her butt hard and audibly. “Get over yourself…you know you liked it. Now, we need to get to work.”

Meletia took a few deep breaths and blinked her eyes a few times, allowing herself to collect her composure enough to get her clothes back on and get back to work.

October 7, 2016,
17:23 local time,
Yperifanos’ Classroom, Knossos University
Knossos, Crete

“Hello?” Yperifanos said as he heard someone walk into his classroom after he had finished his lesson. His surprise soon turned into elation as he saw who it was.

“Oh hey, Kaloia,” he said, kissing her on the cheek and giving her an embrace, though his joy soon soured when he felt something was amiss. “How are you?”

“I’m...I’m good,” she said, nerves creeping into her voice. “How are you?    
“I’m good,” Yperifanos said, smiling, though it brought on an awkward silence since Yperifanos didn’t want to force the issue.

“Listen,” said Kaloia, lowering her head, anxiety tinged in her voice. “I came here today to thank you for all your help.”
“You’re welcome,” said Yperifanos with restrained glee, as he still tried to figure out what the issue was.
“I got back my paper,” said Kaloia, decoding to “power through” her nerves, “and I did so well that I feel confident enough in my own abilities that I can pursue my studies on my own. So...”
“You want to end the relationship,” said Yperifanos.
“Yeah,” said Kaloia, relieved that Yperifanos figured out what she wanted to say, though she was still anxious for the reply.

“Um,” said Yperifanos with a deep sigh.
“I understand,” said Kaloia, feeling bad for Yperifanos.
“No, no,” said Yperifanos, fighting through his sadness. “It’s are free to do what you like. Yes, I’m sad it had to come to an end...but, this is entirely your decision, and if you feel like you have gotten all the help you need out of me, then I’m happy for you.”
“Really?” Kaloia said, letting out a loud sigh of relief.
“Yes,” said Yperifanos. “I came to help, so I’m glad I did...and if you ever need me, you know where to find me.”
“Thank you,” said Kaloia, shedding tears of melancholy. “Thank you so much.”

The two then hugged one last time before they bid their adieus.

October 8, 2016,
20:10 local time,
Meletia’s Apartment,
Knossos, Crete

Meletia opened her cupboards and shook her head. She was hungry, but, it seemed, no matter where she looked in her kitchen, she just couldn’t find anything to cook. It’d been over two hours since Meletia decided she wanted to eat, and yesterday was grocery day, but after hours of fruitless rummaging, Meletia sulked on to the couch frustrated.

She turned her head towards the remote control for her TV and noticed a coupon for the pizza parlour down the street. No, Meletia, she thought, you said you wouldn’t be spending money this month…you need to save it. She sighed and lowered her head before wiping one of her eyes, her indecision quickly becoming crippling. I’ve got nothing in my fridge…oh come on Meletia, you bought groceries yesterday, how do you have nothing? Meletia looked at the coupon again and picked it up.

“No,” said Meletia, furiously picking up her phone. “It doesn’t matter that I have groceries- I have nothing.”

Meletia proceeded to order a pizza, one that should have been too big for her but tonight she didn’t care about that. Tonight, she needed reassurance, and there was nothing more reassuring than a meat lover’s pizza.

As she waited for her delivery, she sat on her couch and pondered her predicament, adjusting the straps of her tank top in the process. Her home felt so empty, she thought, and, though she made a decent wage, it was still a struggle making ends meet.

I had to get rid of Oraios, she thought to herself. She was bleeding me dry. Glad Leroy could help. She then let out a heavy sigh and wiped her forehead of sweat. Yeah...but what was the cost? She again slumped back into her couch and let out a huff, before smiling hesitantly remembering that she at least had her favourite pizza on the way.

"The unfortunate truth is that sometimes our greatest foes can be our best friends."- Gareth Wolfman, Global Citizens speech, 2012