Monday, November 21, 2016

Cases of the BAU: The Return of Fitch

November 21, 2016,
07:09 local time,
FBII Headquarters,
Buffalo, Roman New York

"Seriously?" said Behavioural Analysis Unit Chief Aaron "Fitch" Fitchner as he looked on, flabbergasted at the file he had just looked at.
"Yes, seriously," said Foederatio Borealis Indigatores Imperiale Director Lucius Black, Fitchner's boss.
"You know what?" said Fitchner, getting up in a huff. "Then, seriously, I am done with this! I didn't spend all these years in the Academy to have my intelligence insulted like you have done with me over the past year!"

Fitchner angrily fumbled through his pockets, being sure to make as much noise as he could, as he wrestled out his badge and eventually his gun from his pocket. He then slammed them on Black's desk, before looking at him with an unrelenting fury.

All Black could do was laugh.

"Quite the show, Aaron," said Black. "Tell me, do you expect me to believe what you just did?"
"I don't expect anything," said Fitchner, breathing in and out repeatedly. "I just know that I cannot allow myself or my team to be subjected to the kind of intellectual abuse that you have put us through."
"Intellectual abuse?" Black said with a chuckle. "That's a new one."
"Just yesterday my entire team walked out on me," said Fitchner, "disgusted with the case I had just given them. I had to solve it myself. I thought that would be the end of it, but after today, I'm going to go straight to my team and tell them I am making a stand, because we are better than this."

Fitchner then paused before continuing, his angry tone abating somewhat.

"If I even have a team to go back to," he said, a pit developing in his stomach.

"You do, Aaron," said Claudio "Pooch" Pucci, Fitchner's teammate and his best friend, summoned to Black's office via text. "You do."

"What?" Fitchner said. "I don't understand."

"You lost your edge after the Milner Report," said Pucci, standing next to Fitchner and looking him in the eye. "You were taking it personally, even though there were few in the Bureau, myself included, who believed that Milner was really critical of us- the Report was more critical of the police stations that copied us.

"Still, it affected your work, and our work eventually suffered. So Lucius and I developed this scheme to get the OPR after you, hopefully to light a fire under you and get us back to the Aaron Fitchner we knew and loved. It took us a while, but...we can safely say the old guy is back."

Fitchner let out a relieved sigh and looked back and forth between Black and Pucci, puzzled by what he just heard. He then put it all together in his head when it suddenly dawned on him.

"So all those times you were hard on me and appeared out of nowhere to scold me for my maverick tendencies," said Fitchner, "it was all out of love?"

"Yes Aaron," said Black. "Yes it was." He then handed Fitchner his badge and his gun back, which Fitchner graciously accepted. "We're glad to have you back. I got a set of real cases ready for you whenever you like."