Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Path To Victory: Chapters 5-7

Chapter Five

April 3, 2017,
11:02 local time,
Andrew O’Baley’s house,
Raith, Birea

After a long trip back to Birea, Connie finally arrived at Andrew O’Baley’s house. She first marveled at its beauty and its expansiveness, before realizing it was home to the many horrors that Holly had told her about.

It all did little to calm her nerves about her mission, until a man with a decorative top hat, a silk shirt and shorts greeted her.

“Hi,” said Danel Hanno approaching Connie. “You must be Connie? I’m Danel Hanno, from Global Citizens.”

He outstretched his hand before Connie jumped in with a hearty hug.

“Okay,” said Hanno, shocked but reciprocal. “I’ve never had that before.”
“I’m sorry,” said Connie. “I’m just…so nervous…and I’ve read a ton about you. You’re my idol.”

Connie squeezed Hanno’s hand and looked into his eyes starry-eyed, which Hanno found weirdly gratifying.

“Well,” said Hanno, struggling with his words dealing with his pleasant surprise, “Let’s, um…let’s get started.”

The two walked into the house, hand in hand, which the lonely Hanno appreciated.

Upon entering the house, the two parted, and Connie approached another investigator on the scene.

“Hi,” said Connie, her hand outstretched. “I’m Connie.”
“Connie, eh?” said the man, middle-aged but still physically fit. He grabbed Connie’s hand and cupped it with his other hand, giving Connie a look that spooked her.
“Okay,” said Connie, wrestling her hand away from the man. “I don’t know who you are but…I’m just here to work.”

“Back off, Leroy,” said Hanno, entering the room and addressing the man, Leroy Simms.
“Oh yeah?” said Simms with a devilish grin. “What are you going to do about it?”

Simms began to move his hand down Connie’s back before Connie made a move on him and dropped him to the ground, writhing in pain.

“Mason taught me a few things,” said Connie to the surprised Hanno as the two walked away from Simms. “Only way I could survive in Birea.”
“I’m impressed,” said Hanno. “Leroy is a great investigator…maybe the best in the world…but…”
“His hands like to wander?” said Connie with a knowing smirk. “Don’t worry, I can handle myself. How does he get away with it though?”
“He works for the Virtue Guards, primarily,” said Hanno with a sigh, “who look away because they value his contributions, and arresting him gets treated as ‘an act of war’. He also hires very submissive women as his subordinates…not just because they won’t report him but so he can also be ‘the smartest guy in the room’.”
“The Virtue Guards?” Connie said, shocked, “but Birea was kicked out of Virtue.”
“Officially, yes,” said Hanno, “but technically they’re still part of Virtue until the exit negotiations are complete. Plus the Mundiali are getting a reputation for harassing world leaders, even if they deserve it…so more governments are calling the Guards because they know they’ll ‘behave’…and the Bireans called him in, it wasn’t my decision. We, unfortunately, are just here for information, as our power as activists only extends as far as people are willing to listen…which for Simms isn’t very much.”

Connie sighed, pensively.

“What happened to Andrew O’Baley?” she said, figuring it best to change the subject.
“Andrew is in jail but is not talking,” said Hanno. “So we’re here, trying to collect evidence that he was involved in the Order of St. Maria Goetti…we’ve got evidence of kidnapping, but we suspect he’s much deeper involved.”
“Because of Bessarion,” said Connie.
“Yeah,” said Hanno. “We’re scouring his house looking for anything that would give us a clue.”
“From what I understand about O’Baley,” said Connie, “his file said he was an investor in many different industries, all with varying degrees of legality. What’s in the Bessarion file?”
“Lots and lots of numbers,” said Hanno, “and only numbers.”
“Could Bessarion be financial records?” Connie said.
“Financial records?” said Hanno. “How do you figure?”

Connie pulled out her smartphone, and after examining the Bessarion documents even more, she came to a conclusion.

“The numbers have a distinct pattern,” she said definitively. “Not all of them, but some of them, and each case of random numbers is followed by numbers that follow the pattern.”

Hanno had a look himself and was impressed.

“You’re right,” he said.

“The random numbers,” said Connie, “represent monetary values, while the patterned numbers represent codes…I’m thinking they represent transactions.”

Meanwhile, Simms’ lead assistant, the buxom blonde Louloudi, was also looking over the files. As she did so, Simms came up from behind her and pressed his entire body into her backside.

“Ooh,” she cooed, “you’re hard.”
“I’m hard for you, baby,” said Simms, lifting up her shirt and running his hands up her torso.
“Your hands,” said Louloudi, unable to resist him, “they’re so smooth.”
“Always smooth for you,” said Simms right into Louloudi’s ear as his hands lifted up her bra and began playing with her breasts, especially her nipples.

As Louloudi was getting aroused, she allowed Simms to lift her skirt and undo his pants, where the two had sex right there against the table. Louloudi’s moans caught the attention of Hanno, who caught the pair as they finished.

“I guess now you’re ready to work on the case,” deadpanned Hanno, not hiding his disgust.
“You should let your pants fall more often,” snapped Simms. “Maybe then you’d loosen up a bit more…say, you know, that Connie girl is pretty hot. You should bend her over right now.”
“I will not let you talk about Connie like that,” said Hanno. “Unlike you, I respect women.”
“Dude, you’re Birean,” said Simms, shaking his head. “How does any self-respecting Birean male get the idea that women deserve respect?”

Hanno tried his best to keep his composure despite the anger brewing up inside. Louloudi stood there, saying nothing, though she wasn’t too comfortable with Simms’ words.

“See, you got nothing,” said Simms forcefully, which prompted Louloudi to get close to him again. “Why? Because you’re still a virgin…and secretly you know that if you had half the balls I did you’d have yourself a girl right now. Maybe even one half as pretty as the one I got.” Simms and Louloudi clutched each other closely and looked alluringly into each other’s eyes. They started to fondle each other’s butts before Hanno decided he had enough.

“Connie figured out who Bessarion is,” said Hanno with an exasperated sigh.
“Oh,” said Louloudi with interest.
“Bessarion are financial records,” said Hanno confidently.
“How does Connie know?” asked Simms, still being dismissive.
“Connie noted that within the sequence of numbers you’ll find random numbers in between numbers that have a distinct pattern,” said Hanno. “She figures the numbers that have a pattern are codes for transactions, while the random numbers are monetary values.”

Simms looked up the files again on his smartphone.

“How does she know this isn’t just some giant number,” said Simms. “There no spaces…the numbers are continuous.”
“Yes,” said Hanno, “but you’ll see the same pattern repeat itself several times…it’s not a coincidence. I also have to question the value of writing a number so big it needs 112 pages to fill.”

“They’re names,” said Connie, entering the room. “At least I think they’re names…the patterned numbers each represent a letter in the alphabet, multiplied by two. The letters don’t make up any words I know that are used for transactions, but they are words.”
“It’s Bulungian,” said Simms, referring to Bulungi, an embattled country along the Niger River Delta in Africa. “Some of those names aren’t names- they’re transactions, written in Bulungian. Two names stick out…they could hold a clue.”
“Looks like we’re headed to Africa,” said Hanno.

Chapter Six

April 7, 2017,
11:07 local time,
Warricksville Police Headquarters,
Warricksville, Birea

“Okay,” said Simms as he entered the interrogation room. His suspect was Raina Cameron, an Irishwoman who became a Bulungian citizen many years ago. The busty, svelte redhead with freckled ivory skin was roused from her sleep by Simms’ entrance, looking on in horror.

“This is going to go smoothly for you if you give me the answers that I want,” said Simms, walking casually towards Cameron.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” said Cameron, inviting a huge slap from Simms.

After catching her breath, the shocked Cameron soon regained her composure.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” sneered Simms into Cameron’s ear after he grabbed Cameron’s hair and yanked her head back.

Cameron began to breathe heavily, trying her best not to give in to the pain.

“Sir,” said Cameron, “I really don’t know…please, please…you gotta believe me!”
“Oh I believe you,” said Simms.

He then proceeded to slam her head against the desk before delivering several hard punches to her face.

Still, despite blood streaming from her face, Cameron refused to relent.

“Hit me as hard as you want,” she said defiantly, “but you won’t break me.”

Simms was not fazed, letting go of her head and throwing it down back on the table.

He then went behind her and unchained her from the chair, moving her to the centre of the room. He then lifted her arms and chained her wrists above her head onto the ceiling, while chaining her ankles to the floor, spreading her legs apart. Simms then ripped off Cameron’s clothes, making sure she heard every rip. He then grabbed weights and applied them to her nipples, which were so heavy they dragged her down.

Cameron breathed heavily, doing all she could to overcome the excruciating sensory experience she was going through. Not only did she have to deal with immense pain, her nipples became so sensitive that her estrogen kicked into overdrive, giving her an involuntary arousal that she struggled to wrestle with.

Simms sensed this, so he stuck his hand into her genitals and began to stroke them, arousing her even more.

“I need a name,” he said, stroking her slowly. When she stayed silent, he stroked her even faster, but Cameron still didn’t relent.

Simms knew what he had to do. He then pulled down his pants and thrust his hard penis into her vagina, ramming it back and forth inside of her as hard as he could.

“You gotta tell me his name,” said Simms, still thrusting. Cameron stayed silent, despite experiencing a whirlwind of senses that Simms was delivering her.

Simms then picked his speed up, which sent Cameron’s senses into overdrive. She felt a torrent of emotions and feelings, her senses almost blinding her with intense arousal, an arousal that eventually became so strong and so unrelenting that she just had to give in.

“Licinus Marcus,” she said, before saying it again as a scream. Simms then withdrew, got up onto a chair and stuck his penis in her mouth, ejaculating down her throat as she swallowed his immense load.

“I’m glad you’re in jail,” he said with a snicker as he formally arrested her to send her to Birean prison, where he could enjoy her as many times as he wanted. “Because you were such a good suspect.” He then grinned as she was whisked away in the back of a police van, her destiny being that of a sex slave as every female convict in Birea eventually became.

Chapter Seven

April 8, 2017,
14:25 local time,
Plains of Donovan,
Donovan, Republic of St. Daniel’s

“A major Constitutional crisis was averted in Rome today,” said Wolf Blitzer on a CNN video that Sinn Fein was watching on his phone. “Licinus Marcus was arrested today in an elaborate scheme involving a Birean human trafficker and the former Emperor Valerius. Connie Hedburg, an investigative reporter for Global Citizens, reported that Marcus, his accountant, tried to blackmail Valerius into a human trafficking scheme when Marcus held his money hostage. Marcus apparently was sitting on several salacious stories on Valerius that he said would have seen him arrested, necessitating that Valerius stay on as Emperor to avoid arrest. Due to Hedburg’s great work, she was able to prove that Marcus’ stories were all lies, allowing the Emperor to relinquish his crown- as he was supposed to do via the results of the Roman election- to Erasmus, the victor. Erasmus has pledged to push through an amendment to the Twelve Tables forcing the incumbent Caesar to resign right before a Caesarean election, with the Praetorian Guard required to uphold that law if the Caesar refuses that move. The previous Caesar can still run in the Caesarean election and regain his throne, but, during the election, he cannot serve as Emperor. Judgements appealed to him during this period must be deferred until a new Caesar is in place. This amendment is expected to pass easily among the provinces, and should be in place for the next Caesarean electoral cycle.”

One simple move by a Birean sent the Romans into chaos, thought Fein, while the Bireans are sacrificing everything they once had. They’re a country in turmoil…giving me an opportunity. He then turned off the video and sat on his couch, contemplating his next move.