Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Sunshine City Chronicles, The Freshmen- Part 9: The Admission

June 7, 2018,
21:24 local time,
Executive Residence, The White House,
Buffalo, Roman New York

Tom Kirkman wasted no time as soon as he got home. Before his wife Alex had started to say “hey honey” Tom grabbed her close and locked in on her lips. He kissed her with such a fierce but dedicated fashion, making Alex so overcome with arousal that her body melted into his, making Tom pick her up and carry her to the nearest couch, all while still kissing her.

Once he was on that couch, Tom could barely contain himself, wildly stripping away at Alex's clothes while she did the same to him. He then moved his lips and ran his hands all over her body, making Alex gasp and moan several times for joy. She clutched her husband as close to herself as she could, moving as Tom moved while so overcome with passion and emotion.

Things were so frenetic, Alex could hardly keep up with what Tom was doing. Before she knew it, they were having sex, with Tom ramming her so hard and so fast that her senses went into overdrive.

It was all such a blur. A tense, exhilarating blur...but very much a blur.

Then it was all over, over very quickly but Alex still emerged with one of the most mind-blowing orgasms she ever experienced. Both she and Tom needed several minutes to catch their breath afterwards, both of them very sweaty but very hot messes.

Once both of them had finished taking their showers and got into their actual bed, Alex couldn't help but reflect on the sex she just had.

“Wow,” she said, still beaming. “Where did that come from? I'm at a loss for words...”

All Tom could do was kiss her forehead and smile. It'd been a while since he made love to her quite as passionately as he did, and, being so overcome with emotions himself, he too was speechless, just wanting to enjoy the moment.

After several minutes of the two of them looking into each other's eyes and trading lip kisses and back rubs, Alex felt something was amiss.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” she said, first with a smile but it soon abated the longer Tom took to respond.

Tom then let out a sigh before tears began to form in his eyes. He then sat up on the bed and really let loose with his crying, causing Alex to get up herself and console him.

“Honey,” she said, rubbing his back. “What's wrong? I want to help you...but you gotta tell me what's up.”

Tom got up, having composed himself enough to speak, but he still couldn't bear the thought of actually looking Alex in the eye.

“This could be my final night with you,” he said, still overcome with emotion, “and it probably should.”

Alex could only look on with bewilderment.

“Tom!” she said. “What are you talking about?”

“That time I went to Sonora,” he said, “halfway through my freshman year...I...I...”
“Spit it out, Tom,” said Alex, getting restless.
“I wasn't truthful with you,” he said. “I went to Sunshine City...I had a night with my friends...I know I told you at the time I got into an argument over their partying habits and cut them out of my life because of it...but...”

Tom then let out another sigh before more tears came from him.

“...but that wasn't the truth,” he said. “We had a night on the resort and...and...they raped this poor, innocent woman. Gang-raped her behind my back after I had left to get some sleep...I tried to stop them...but...I couldn't. It was all over before I had a chance to get there and make things better. I checked out of the Resort that night and kicked them all out before driving and finding another resort where I could clear my mind. I was so upset and devastated...I...I just couldn't believe my friends- or people I thought were my friends- could do what they did.”

Alex was overcome with shock, just as disgusted at what happened as Tom was.

“Tom,” she said, getting up and wrapping Tom in a tight embrace. “That's awful...I can't believe you've carried that burden for so don't need to be ashamed of it...I'm always here for you...always. Never forget that. I'm proud of you for bringing it out.”

Tom didn't respond, deciding instead to let go and pace, crying some more.

“No,” he said. “I'm not courageous...I'm pathetic.”
“No, no, no, Tom!” said Alex, who tried to get closer to Tom but he kept pushing her away. “C''re not're not the first one to witness a traumatic event and keep it bottled up for so long...many people do, and they struggle to talk about it, just like you did. There's no need to be ashamed.”

Tom then collapsed back onto the bed.

“No,” said Tom, tears still in his eyes. “No Alex, you don't understand...”
“Then make me understand!” said Alex forcefully flailing her arms forward.

Tom lowered his head and cried some more, before a few deep breaths allowed him to say what he needed to say.

“Alex,” he started, still breathing heavily. “The woman they raped...earlier that night...I...I had sex with her. I didn't want to...but she tackled me on the bed, aroused me and my friends egged me on...I was too young and stupid to say 'no'...though I know I should have...”

Tom collapsed his head into his hands, sobbing uncontrollably as Alex could only look on in horror, unable to comprehend what she just heard.

“No,” she said, still shocked. “ didn't...I mean, you couldn't...tell me this is some kind of a joke...” Alex then let out a half-hearted laugh before souring again. “'Ha ha, fooled you'...please tell me that's it...please?”

“No joke Alex,” said Tom. “I really did...and I've found out that I gave her a daughter...a beautiful girl named 'Raven'. A girl I have never met and one I had no intention of ever meeting because I wanted to forget that night...I...I still do.”

“...and you kept this from me for twenty five years?” said Alex, now starting to cry herself. “When were you going to tell me that you cheated on me.”
“No Alex,” said Tom, “it wasn't like that.”
“Oh what was it then,” said Alex, “she tripped, fell and landed on your dick?”
“Not exactly,” said Tom. “I was young and stupid...I let my penis control me instead of my Jove Alex, I was 18...I didn't know the things I know now...I didn't have the control that I do now...I did a lot of stupid things then that I wouldn't do now. Every 18-year-old does that...I'm sure you have.”
“Of course,” said Alex, as if the answer was obvious, “but none of those involved whipping out my vagina and thrusting it onto some stranger's dick just because he got me wet...I had a lot more control than you did, and so do a lot of guys, so don't give this crap that you couldn't control could but you decided not to.”

Tom then got up and tried to place his hand on her shoulder before Alex skirted away.

Don't touch me,” she said, reacting as if he was a leper. She then walked into her closet and put on a T-Shirt and sweatpants before walking back out.

“Alex,” said Tom, confused. “Where are you going?”
“I'm going to stay in the Queen's Bedroom tonight,” said Alex. “Don't try to contact me...I'm going to come back to get Penny ready for school but I am not going to deal with you unless it's official business.”
“Alex, come on...” said Tom, pleading though he knew it was futile.
“Don't 'Alex' me,” snapped Alex. “You're lucky you're the President or else I'd be out that door for good.”
“...but what does that,” said Tom as Alex walked out of the bedroom and slammed the door, “mean?”

Tom then sat back down on his bed, dejected and forlorn. He knew Alex would react the way that she did, but it didn't make the pain any easier to bear.

He then decided to lie down in a vain attempt at getting sleep, since Tom could sense things were only going to get worse from there.